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Current services include…

  • New Construction Consultation
    • Do you have a new home build that you are considering and would like guidance on how to make it comfortable, durable, and energy efficient?  We can take a look at your current plans and recommend various options for increasing your new home’s performance.


  • New Construction Oversight and Administration
    • Do you already have a builder and/or general contractor selected but are wanting someone with Passive House experience to oversee the critical portions of the build?  Our knowledge and hands-on experience allow us to give onsite guidance and recommendations during phases of the construction which are related to high performance building.


  • Remodel Consulation
    • Are you looking to remodel your house or put on an addition?  There are a number of different ways to improve the performance of your new project with which we would be happy to assist.


  • General Consulation
    • Are you interested in small things that can be done in your current home?  We can advise and recommend various options to increase your comfort and improve your home’s performance.